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Data Lost, is Lost | Good to Know, Better to Beware

Data Lost, is Lost

Why do aircrafts have multiple engines?
Why do all hospitals have power backup?
Why do the buildings have fire safty systems?

B’coz, Loss of life is irreversible.

Do you have multiple backups of your digital assets?

I guess, Loss of data is also irreversible. Accidental or Intentional, data lost, is lost.

It’s time to be innovative in taking data backup. I recently interacted with IT manager of a company who used to take backup of the data. Everyday automatic backup system overwrote the existing backup.

A smart user opened many autocad, word and excel files. He removed the content of the file and saved them again. Next day when backup happened, all files with content were overwritten by all files with no content.

Our innovative instincts have helped us solve this. The latest version of BLACKbox does it all very smartly.

BLACKbox is our innovation which also solves this problem besides many other features like forced data centralization, pen drive monitoring, email vigilance, email back up and internet usage vigilance.

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How easy is it to install the BLACKbox?

It is very simple. BLACKbox is connected to your network by Ethernet. Its client software is installed on every laptop, desktop and server in the network. [Read more…]

Why is BLACKbox the only best way to do it? We have done something on our own.

That’s a good question. In security matters, either you have everything or nothing. “Something” leads to nowhere. As an SME, you need to decide, whether you want to grow your business or manage IT of your business. [Read more…]

What is BLACKbox? How does it minimize my investment in “IT” infrastructure?

BLACKbox is an innovation in IT which works as single and simple system and replaces 7 major IT components like It serves as File Server, Automatic Backup Systems, Storage Device, Mail Server, Firewall, Proxy Server, Forced Centralization of Data and End Point Security for Pen Drive Monitoring. [Read more…]

What do you mean by forced data centralization? Why is it so necessary?

There is a remarkable difference between “Data Centralization” and “Forced Data Centralization“. Data is your digital asset. The more scattered it is, the less reliable the backup is. Let’s say, [Read more…]

What do you mean by versioned data backup? Our backup software takes backup of our server.

Versioned data backup is our innovation. It makes your backup really a backup against all odds.  Most of the SME either take manual backup or use some free tool to backup data from server or from computers. In both the scenarios, [Read more…]

How is blind carbon copy a security threat? What is the solution?

Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) is an easy means to take away organization’s digital assets through email. When email is written with to address and BCC address, everybody receiving emails cannot see who is kept in BCC. [Read more…]