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Rules Worth Breaking : Good to Know, Better to Do

Rules are not necessarily sacred,
Principles are.

IT rules for Small and Medium Enterprises feel like watching “Yarana” brand Amitabh being trained for etiquette to be a rock star. SMEs are the stars of tomorrow, being subjected to today’s IT strategies for large enterprises. It leaves them with half hearted IT adoption.

Let me list some rules worth breaking.

Rule #1

You need SERVER when you grow beyond 10 computers to centralize your data. You must spend INR 60000 to 100000 on server.

Our customers broke it.

They adopted BLACKbox and forcefully centralized data, applied all domain policies without any server.

Rule #2

You need WINDOWS SERVER OPERATING system for centralizing data. Hence you need to invest in WINDOWS 2008 SERVER, its CLIENT ACCESS LICENSES (CALs) and TERMINAL LICENSES for centralizing data. You must spend INR 150000 for a 25 users network in addition to server hardware.

Our customers broke it, no harm.

By the same BLACKbox they did not need a WINDOWS SERVER OPERATING SYSTEM and CALs for centralizing data.

Rule #3

You need a HARDWARE FIREWALL to control user-wise internet access. You spend INR 40000 Rs for a firewall and recurring cost for category subscriptions.

Our customers broke it. No Harm

The same BLACKbox gave them complete control on internet access by users with superb and meaningful productivity report over internet.

Rule #4

You need a mail server like POSTMASTER / EXCHANGE SERVER / MDEAMON for your email management and vigilance. You spend INR 50000 to 400000 for 25 users on a third party mail server.

Our customers broke it.

The same BLACKbox works as email server to gain complete control on email system is in terms of vigilance, data theft prevention and backup. They don’t need to take backup of huge PST files. It is our innovation.

Rule #5

You need a BACKUP SYSTEM like Symantec or Storegrid to backup data of every computer as well as server. You need to spend INR 50000 on this kind of solution.

Our customers broke it.

The same BLACKbox does automatic backup of all computers’ data for them. It generates report on backup status and preserves your data.

Rule #6

You need END POINT SOLUTIONS for pen drive controls. you need to spend INR 25000 on this kind of solution.

Open your eyes; No harm breaking Rule #6

The same BLACKbox prevents data theft by email and reports pen drive activities in network.

Rule #7

Not only adopting IT is expensive but also maintaining it is also expensive. If I procure a SERVER, SERVER OPERATING SYSTEM, CALs, EMAIL SERVER, BACKUP SYSTEM, PEN DRIVE CONTROLLER and FIREWALL, It is a deep hole in my pocket. I am not convinced. I am afraid, I don’t have time to manage all this and coordinate with so many vendors.

Our customers broke it.

You do not need to procure so many hardware and software solutions to serve the objectives of data centralization, backup, pen drive controls, email vigilance, email backup and internet vigilance. BLACKbox is an award winning Indian product developed by Synersoft Technologies which is a features everything in single solution. One vendor, one simple solution to replace combination of multi-vendor heterogeneous solutions.

It has worked for more than 2200 enterprises having more than 8 computers and less than 100 computers.

It is also subject to 60% depreciation, makes the investment commercially free in 18 months.

Contact us on or sms BB on 08866699333.

Make It Happen or Wonder What Happened

Few make it happen,
Many watch it happen, and
Many more say, “What happened?”

Yes, it happened. BLACKbox, with 2500 plus installations is challenging traditional IT rules. We have paved our own path.

If you have a small network of 10 to 100 computers, and are planning to upgrade your IT infrastructure for better data preservation, data security, data theft protection and vigilance on digital activities,

look at BLACkbox.

If you don’t, you will be seen wondering, “what happened?”. Instead make it happen.

A traditional IT setup requires a file server, a mail server, a firewall, a backup system, a storage device, a pen drive activity monitor, and a vigilance system. They need to be integrated and maintained by a professional.

It sounds complex and of course, costs fortunes.

BLACKbox does it all with unbelievable simplicity and it costs reasonable.

Check following data sheet.

For a 15 users network,

Rs 100000 spent on 1 BLACKbox costs as one time cost with perpetual licenses


Rs 300000 spent on traditional IT setup (Server Rs 50000, windows 2008 Rs 35000, CALs Rs 20000, Firewall Rs 40000,  Storage Device Rs 30000, Backup System Rs 25000, Exchange Server Rs 100000, End Point Solution 25000)

That’s what makes it happen. Many watch it happen and Many more ask, “what happened?”

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Server : Does It Really Serve? Good to Know, Better to Do

Server : The first proud possession by an SME in IT assets.

Buying the first server feels like upgrading from a hatchback to a sedan.

I often ask them a question, what is the purpose of buying a server? Do you really know?

It makes them feel like Rancho of “3 idiots” asking Virus what is the purpose of the rat race?

True, most of my SME friends possess server for the reasons unknown to them. Some try to answer my question like this.

1. We need to centralize the data, so we have bought the server.

I ask them, is your data forcefully centralized on server? What is the guarantee, user will save all his data on server? if left on users’ choice to use server or local PC to store data, Is it right reason to invest in server?

2. We have Tally / thin clients which require the server. We use domain environment.

I ask them, have you worked out cost of ownership? Are you aware that you have to buy server operating system and client access licenses to legally use the server? would you have bought a server, if you were aware that software license for server costs more than the cost of the server itself?

Many a times, SMEs dont look back to check, does server really serve the purpose?

Here comes BLACKbox, I am proud to be part of this innovation. It is specially designed for SMEs possessing more than 12 computers upto 250 computers. With 2000 plus installations, it is spreading like fire.

It does not require the server, still it acts as File Server with forceful centralization of data.

1. As soon as BB is installed in your network, data is pulled from all computers and stored on itself. users have no choice to save data on their individual desktops. However, all softwares run from their desktop only.

2. You are not liable to buy server operating system and CALs. and of course, you don’t need to buy server itself.

3. It monitors pen drive activities in network and reports data movements over pen drives.

4. Additionally, it does many things which server does not do. It acts as internet firewall to control website access to users as well as provides efficient vigilance on email traffic.

It is good to know and better to do.

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SME : Layman of Information Technology | Myth of Today

SMELaymen for IT

Complex and Disintegrated IT Systems Requiring Professional Manager _________________ Simple and Integrated IT

Informational Technology assimilates like Photography World, the witness of most number of technological revolutions, unlike any other.

Photography always interested the laymen, like IT. Its complexity stopped them to indulge into it like IT.

Revolutions driven by innovations to simplify and compact, resulted in more and more laymen indulging into photography. It is no longer a hobby of elite and expert.

Now, everybody shoots.

I see similar analogy in Information Technology in SME segment.

SME is the layman for IT. They exist in thousands. They need to overcome challenges of data decentralization, backup, theft, internet misuse, email vigilance and pen drive monitoring.

A typical IT setup is visualized as Server, Windows 2008 OS, Firewall, Email Server, Backup System, Storage Device and End Point Solutions. Sounds complex to our laymen.

Perfect platform for Innovation. Synersoft innovated and created BLACKbox. It is a small box serving everything what an SME expects from IT without having to invest in complex IT setups.

It is affordable, cost effective, and of course, S I M P L E.

Revolution has started. Are you interested?

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