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Help Your Server Like Jay Helps Viru

Your server requires a friend like Jay is with Veeru

Veeru shackled by the Gabbar, Jay enters and says, agar kisi ne hilne ki koshish ki to bhoon ke rakh doonga.. Gabbar Singh, apne sathio se kah do ki hathiyar fenk de.

How valiant and heroic does it feel…

Veeru, with all virtues, trying to fight the mighty evil Gabbar, when complemented by his die hard friend Jay, both together emerge victorious.

Many a times, when I look at the IT set up of SMEs, I remember Veeru when I see their server. Installed to challenge all Gabbars of IT; data loss, data theft, internet misuse and many.

I see it shackled and exhausted. Slow performance, frequent crashes, exhausted storage and defeated by Gabbars of IT. The server needs a helping hand. If Server is Veeru, BLACKbox is Jay. Valiant and heroic standing by your server.

When put to help your server, it makes the killing, all Gabbars of IT vanish. What server doesn’t do, BLACKbox does.

1.    It forcefully centralizes the data, takes backup and sends you a smiling email, about job done. You are bound not to loose data.

2.    It monitors pen drive activities and sends you a smiling email, if data is taken out on pen drive.

3.    It vigils all outbound emails and sends you a smiling email if somebody steals data by BCC, of course after not letting it go out.

4.    It backs up all emails and keeps you smiling when you need to restore the emails deleted by users with ill intentions.

5.    It monitors internet usage of all users and sends you a smiling email if somebody is hooked up on internet misuse.

It keeps your Veeru enjoy its performance time for your ERP. Rest is on the Jay, the BLACKbox.

BLACKbox is an award winning technology which serves as file server, mail server, pen drive monitor, email vigilance, backup storage, firewall and proxy server as one single system. You really don’t need many IT components to conquer Gabbars of IT.

Contact on or +91 8866699333 to know more.


Work out your IT Scorecard : Good to Know, Better to Do

Delhi airport, foggy, 15 degrees, the flight delay announcement, Hurrah! I always enjoy my time at the airport. I know it sounds unusual, but I can’t help it. I get creative at this time, while the others curse the airlines, rather the fog. Now my creative streak is at its peak and I feel like re-writing the 10 commandments, this time of the IT flavor. I wish to help the top management of small and medium sized companies who use more than 10 computers and do not have a qualified IT manager.  Below are my commandments.

Let’s work out your scorecard.

Here are the questions you need to ask about your IT system. Just tick mark or cross mark in front of the questions –

1.    Is your data centralized? Have you kept it democratic or autocratic? I mean, does it happen only if users save it on the server? Or users have no choice but to save it on the server? You earn 1 point if it is autocratic.

2.    Is your data backed up regularly? Have you kept it Democratic or Autocratic? I mean, does it happen only if users take backup voluntarily? Or it happens automatically without users’ intervention? You earn point 1 if it is autocratic..

3.    How are your emails backed up, D or A? After all it’s unofficially an official communication you have with your vendors and customers. You earn 1 point if it is autocratic.

4.    Do you have the capability to track every outgoing email from your office? If no, you earn zero point and lose on your confidential data by email to your competitor.

5.    Do you have capability to intercept BCC emails going out from your office? It is the most widely used method for data theft. If your answer is no, you earn zero point and lose, you know what.

6.    Do you have capability to know what data your employees on pen drives copy? . If your answer is no, you earn zero point and lose, you know what.

7.    Can you monitor pen drive, Internet and email activities of your branch offices and laptops? If no, you earn zero point and lose, you know what.

8.    Do you need the Internet to send email from one desk to another in the same office? If yes, you earn zero point and lose on bandwidth + productivity by Internet misuse on desk.

9.    Do you have Internet usage reports of each employee automatically emailed to his immediate supervisor? If answer is no, you earn zero point and lose on productivity.

10.    Are you able to access your office data securely from your laptop from anywhere in the world? 1 point for yes and enjoys your work.

Work out your score. My friends find it a tough test and face the bitter truth.

Nevertheless, it’s the question of your competitiveness contributed by productivity, digital asset preservation and confidentiality management.

BLACKbox makes 10/10 out of the above possibly in just 48 hours.

Heavy? I did not intend so. Oops, sweet boarding call, equipping myself with a pair of cottons, will land at Ahmedabad, the best time of the year in Ahmedabad, gentle winter mornings and enjoyable winter cool.

Inquiry: Call +91.79.2 6464 964 | SMS <BB> 88 666 99 333 | Mail Dealership Inquiries Solicited

Synersoft Technologies, Technology for Good

Interestingly Simple | Yeap, IT needs be

Success mantras, achievers are privileged to throw them once they succeed.

We catch them, correlate with their success and WOW it.

I like to track the creations whose creators have, in the words of Steve Jobs, made a dent in universe. A few, close to my heart. iPOD, Sholay, USB, Google, and Kolaveri di. When things go simpler in the hands of consumers, they succeed, they get rewarded.

So does the BLACKbox. Whopping number of installations, it’s just beginning. Simplicity is what’s worked for us.

Hassles of managing server hardware, complicated license cost calculations, backup issues, attrition of IT resources and data theft issues are serious show stoppers for a small organization. We understand. We took pains to simplify IT for SME. One against all odds, One BLACKbox, for freedom and peace of mind.

BLACKbox pulls all your data, stores on itself, backs up automatically, reports backup accuracy, tracks pen drive activities, intercepts BCC emails, vigils emails, saves internet bandwidth, reports unproductive internet usage and much more. One solution, One service provider.

It’s simple.

To know more, SMS BB on 8866699333 or email