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Cloud or Anti Cloud | Critic’s Choice or People’s Choice?

Rarely chilling Mumbai, black tea and fingers on virtual keyboard. Thoughts flowing…

“Dabang” earns money and; no money for “Fir Milenge”, gets only critics’ appreciation, though both starring Salman Khan. Something similar for Cloud and Anti cloud.

Cloud computing is the in thing, as crazily promoted by technocrats (read critics). People are talking about cloud computing, but who is adopting it beyond the email usage?

Let’s check the people’s choice, the real SMEs responses.

+++ Cloud changes CAPEX (capital expenditure) to OPEX (operating expenses).

– – – Small organization’s CAPEX in IT is not so big. But OPEX is always scary, as business may not be as good forever.

+++ Your data does not reside in your offices, just connect by internet and access your data from anywhere.

– – – What if my internet is not working? Will my business halt? Dependence on internet is scary. How about not knowing who is accessing my data from anywhere?

+++ Your IT is managed by experts, no need to worry about technical issues.

– – – True, but it is as long as I pay. If I can’t pay, all my data (read digital assets) will become inaccessible. Even if they return it in some zipped formats, I won’t know what to do with them.

+++ All your data is backed up, preserved against any disaster possibilities.

– – – I don’t know how many copies of my confidential data you are keeping and who is accessing it. Why should I trust your ability to vault my data based on one-sided NDA (non disclosure agreement)? Even if I suspect the breach, I don’t have time to fight that out.

+++ Cloud computing is a technical wonder. Virtual computers run on single hardware, and multi-tenant model. It is like pushing limits of technical excellence.

– – – I just don’t care…

I see a great place for some anti-cloud product which can give them,

1. Simplicity and hassle free IT management.

2. Independence from internet connectivity

3. Data preservation and security without any confidentiality breach

4. Low CAPEX and non-compulsory negligible OPEX.

Well, our innovation BLACKbox does the trick.

1. It is single and simple system replacing integration of complex systems like server hardware, firewall, mail server, end point security, domain controller, backup software and backup storage.

2. It is located in your office only, so no dependence on internet for data access

3. You possess all your data with you, no copies anywhere without your knowledge and no confidentiality breach.

4. You pay less for 1 system compared to 7 systems, keeping the CAPEX jaw dropping low and you can still use the system without paying OPEX.

Being anti-cloud system, acquisition of 2500 plus customers make it a box office hit. We don’t care about critics (read technocrats).

To know more, contact on or +91 8866699333…

Best Regards,

Vishal Shah

Founder and CEO,

Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Let’s Get Back To Business | Year Changed

Witnessing the growth is a great feeling, may it be parenting, gardening or running a business.

My professional engagements have made me witness hundreds of growth stories, especially with SME segment.
Yes, they grow, and struggle to manage the growth. Growth is coupled with IT adoption. IT adoption induces the change.

Let me discuss the most common concerns.

SMEs land up being advised by IT sales men, rather IT advisors. Cursed by mediocrity. Result? I see them always worried about preservation of their digital assets. 95% of SMEs don’t have a documented backup strategy. It is taken manually without clear accountability. They are not even confident, if their all data is backed up or not.

SMEs are getting transformed from physical to digital. SMEs have little clue on how to protect their digital assets. Designs, bids, drawings, formulae, customer data and what not. They know, it can just go away by internet, email or pen drives.

SMEs find IT like a never ending spending to cope with obsolescence. Necessity to upgrade is always too soon.

SMEs are under dilemma about when to forgo piracy and adopt legal software. Most of the SMEs find legal software prohibitively priced.

Necessity is the mother of invention. We invented BLACKbox to help SMEs to

1. Standardize their IT systems at internationally accepted practices

2. Protect their digital assets from being stolen and lost

3. Avoidance of investment in server hardware costs

4. Minimize software licensing cost

I am happy that BLACKbox already crossed 2513 installations before stepping into year 2013. We got due recognitions with national and international awards.

It feels satisfying, motivated and good.

Wish you a prosperous 2013,