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Rules to Simplify, Good to Know | Better to do

In recent times, I am often invited to speak my mind at various management forums. Innovation is my favorite agenda. Something very interesting happened last week during my interaction with an SME forum.

I believe, SME entrepreneurs are innovators at hearts and businessmen at minds.

It was like, talking innovation to innovators, who don’t know that they are innovators?

I spoke on nontraditional derivation of innovation: Innovate by Simplifying.

Let’s see, some rules to make the things simple, leading to the innovation which makes tremendous sense. I explain with our own example, the BLACKbox,

Remove everything that is unnecessary

We removed file server, mail server, firewall, backup system, storage device, and end point solutions. We simplified all of them in one single 8” by 4” box, BLACKbox.

Make great experience by simplifying

Don’t make products, make experiences. We have come up above the feature battles. It’s now about experiences. Imagine, SME top management gets 5 reports every morning in mailbox, conclusive about data backup, email vigilance, productivity v/s internet usage, data theft attempts, and pen drive activities. Simply, be informed that your IT is on, by the BLACKbox.

Value proposition in Simple One liner

You save 70% of onetime cost to create or upgrade your IT infrastructure and 90% of recurring cost to maintain your IT infrastructure. You save money while letting us earn.

I hope that these rules will be useful to my SME friends in their innovation pursuits. No matter, whatever products they make. We have followed them to derive this great product.

Best Regards,

Vishal Shah
Founder & CEO

Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd