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Actually, It’s Easier Done than Said : an answer to traditional IT


Indian summers, engaging ones; with children at home and mangoes in the boxes. Easier Said than Done, keeping children busy all the day, and ripening mangos at right time and in right quantity.

Easier Said than Done is what we retort while someone advises us out of the blues.

I came across an interesting dialogue between an SME owner and his IT adviser. He was narrating his requirements.

SME Owner: “I need such an IT infrastructure which can preserve my data, secure my data from loss and theft, and prevent productivity loss due to internet misuse.”

IT adviser: “Sir, it is Easier Said than Done. That’s a complex requirement which will toll your pocket significantly. You need file server, mail server, end point solution, storage device, backup software, firewall, domain controller. Not only this but also, you will need a professional like me to integrate them and configure as per your requirements. Last but not the least; you will need a professional to maintain such solution.”

SME Owner was confused, terrified, and wondering if he was expecting too much.

I was around and responded to him in one sentence,
“You need BLACKbox”. That’s it. It’s actually Easier Done than Said.”

BLACKbox, when added to your existing computer network, gives you full proof data preservation, data security, email / internet vigilance.

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Vishal Shah
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