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Simple to Multiple : The BLACKbox Way

At the fag end of the year 2013, it feels great to look back.

2700 plus enterprise installations, 85000 users in less than 36 months, sounds like a fairy tale.

It is interesting to witness the transformation in how people define BLACKbox.

Now a days BLACKbox is defined as…

One single ‘simple to use’ device which,

+ Saves huge software license cost
+ forcefully centralizes data which no other system does
+ protects data from intentional or accidental manipulation
+ monitors productivity of users on computer
+ prevents data from theft or loss

Months back it was defined as…

One single box which serves as file server, mail server, firewall, pen drive monitor, domain controller, storage device and backup system.

We call it >> Simplicity to Multiplicity, without complexity.

Thank you SMEs for choosing to benefit by our innovation, BLACKbox.

Best Regards,
Vishal Shah
Founder & CEO
Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd