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SMEs – Aam Adami of IT

Mango People or Aam Adami or SMEs
SMEs characterize Aam Adami in IT industry. 
They want simple, affordable, and usable IT solutions.
Solutions offered by the IT biggies are meant for Khaas Adami. I.e. Large  Enterprises. They are complex and expensive and require professional IT personnel to be put to use.
Rise of Arvind Kejriwal by defeating the stalwarts has inspired me to start 2014 with this note.
Our solution BLACKbox has proven the underdog by posing an alternative to traditional, expensive and complex IT solutions, with modest 2700 plus enterprise installations. Looking forward to further acceptance and adoption of BLACKbox by SMEs in 2014 to unfold.
It is simple, affordable and usable, by SME.
It saves licensing cost, prevents data theft by emails and pen drives, preserves and controls access of data, ensures productivity over internet and computers.
That’s it. We are living upto SME’s expectations since last 4 years.
I wish prosperous and progressive 2014 to the SME fraternity.
Best regards,
Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO,
Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd