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Software Licensing Calls : Nothing SOFT about them

Last Quarter of the Year,
Visible and Nearing Finishing Lines,

Working hard to outperform.

My SME connects, during this time of the year, always grudge about the offending calls they receive about software licensing and piracy. They feel that they are treated like crooks and cheaters.

But the reality is different.

Mostly they have adopted IT without any professional guidance and, with no intention to cheat anyone. But their ignorant decisions create huge liabilities.

My deepest sympathy for an SME entrepreneur who has worked hard to reach a level, and created employment for many with sheer hardwork, determination and passion.

I strongly believe, they don’t deserve the insult and disgrace while attending license compliance calls. I feel like doing something. Rationalizing software liability by adopting innovative technologies.

With our innovative technologies, we have made the difference. Combination of our consultancy services and application of BLACKbox Technology,  many of our customers have saved license cost of Server OS, CALs, TSCALs, and Office. They have also experienced superior and better IT standardization for TML (Theft, Manipulation, Loss : digital assets and productivity). They have also advantaged by 60% depreciation benefits on BLACKbox.

Well, alleviating SME’s licensing woes, gives unmatched job satisfaction to us.

Do contact us if you wish to legitimately reduce your licensing liabilities using BLACKbox.

Best Regards,

Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO
Synersoft Technologies Pvt ltd