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Data Loss by Democracy

Remember; the story of a disillusioned king who ordered all citizens to pour in a glass of milk to fill the pool, in the darkness of night? Next morning the pool was full of water. Everyone thought my portion of water will not be noticed as everyone else is contributing milk.

My interaction with most SME owners surfaced such common illusion. They think that their data is fully centralized because they have invested in server. In reality, servers are used for two purposes, one to run accounts / ERP software and two to store users’ data.

Software (accounts / ERP) data is always centralized. But users’ data (documents, drawings, spreadsheets) is always scattered on server, desktops and laptops.

Here, the democracy curses. Though, users are instructed to save all data on server, they always have option to store data on their individual desktop or laptop. Because they have option, they tend to scatter the digital assets out of the server.

In order to preserve these digital assets, organization has to provide for backup of server, desktops and laptops. Imagine, it is impractical, unproductive to spend hours everyday to take backup of each and every computer.

I consciously make make this statement : In 99 percent of enterprise, data backup of all desktops and laptops does not happen daily.

This is disastrous and vulnerable state of IT. Let me suggest autocracy over democracy.

Imagine, what if users are not left with choice to save data on individual desktops, as soon as they save data, it is moved to a central location in realtime? Imagine, what if laptop backup happens automatically as soon as it is in office? This will not require overhead of taking backup of desktops and laptops?

It is a powerful idea to preserve digital assets with confidence and without wasting man-hours.

I am glad to present FORCED DATA CENTRALIZATION technology implemented in our innovation known as BLACKbox. No other product in the world does so.

Let’s not be a disillusioned king who is vulnerable and awaiting disaster in disguise. 2700 plus enterprises have chosen, “BLACKbox way of autocratic data centralization” and are preserving their data and saving man-hours.

Additionally, BLACKbox is eligible for 60% depreciation and due for price rise in next financial year.

Best Regards,
Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO
Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd