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100,000-th BLACKbox User : How we met her…

We proudly greeted 100000-th BLACKbox user : the learning worth sharing with our SME patrons, and still a long way to go.

It feels great to narrate what made this possible.

What happened on the way?

1. On the ground commanders

Founders met 9887 SME owners, one to one, through 30 months, introduced the innovation. Believe me, we won’t stop it ever.

2. System orientation with process supremacy,

On the first day, Synersoft was founded, we had world’s best ERP. Strange but true, our ERP expense was more than our total yearly revenue in the first year. Any level of scale up is the cake for us.

3. Incredible human capital capitalized,

It’s cool to know, 50 percent of the people with us are in their first job, since the BLACKbox was born. It feels younger to know, average age of the team synersoft is 29 yrs.

4. Only value, no hypes

Our efforts are never sales oriented. BLACKbox has a great value proposition vis a vis license cost saving, data security, data preservation and productivity loss prevention. We speak, it sells.

We kept on increasing prices and of course the features.

That’s it. We met our 100000-th user. Why not, we are the leader in data security, data preservation and productivity loss minimization solutions, waiting to be crowned.

Best regards,

Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO,
Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd