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SMEs : The Vulnerable Owners of Digital Assets

Better late than never, Monsoons started at last. Gods are kind. Sentiments changed and, we still believe that India is an agricultural economy.

I would say, it is partially true and needs correction. SMEs contribute second largest to our economy. They are the entrepreneurs who create highest jobs, earn maximum foreign exchange, and of course pay highest taxes of all types.

I am worried, if they are vulnerable, our commerce is vulnerable. Let’s face it. They are…

Globalization has made technology adoption unavoidable, SMEs are growing by adopting information technology. They are transiting from physical to digital.

This has caught them off the guard. 99 percent of SMEs do not have adequate provisions to preserve and safeguard their digital assets like documents, drawings, designs, cost sheets, tender documents, accounts records. This risks their competitiveness.

Let me list few most important loop holes which are disastrous.

Digital Assets can be easily stolen by pen drives, emails, blind carbon copies, online storage etc. Digital assets can be easily destroyed by intentional or accidental deletion by users, physical damage to computers, laptops or servers. Digital assets can be left useless by intentional manipulation by users with malicious intentions.

I am glad that SYNERSOFT has recognized these challenges and emerged as “Ombudsman of SMEs” with its award winning innovation BLACKbox. Wtih 3,000+ enterprises, 1,00,000+ users which preserves and protects SMEs’ digital assets in all possible ways, one could have imagined or not.

Feeling Good,

Best Regards,
Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO
Synersoft Technologies Pvt ltd