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Information Security : Blessed v/s Exempted

Head Offices are blessed,
Branch offices are exempted,
Laptops are privileged…

I could not resist myself writing above, a little bit confusing and riddle-like.

Coming directly to the point,

I have seen striking contrast in Information Security Policies between head office and branch offices. To add to that, laptops are believed to contain no information, hence they are never subject to information security policies.

Most SMEs have small branch offices (2-5 desktops), few laptops and few geographically spread resident employees. They tend to implement information security policies on desktops in head office.

Though branches use business information, they are not subject to same information security policies. Most enterprises wonder how to put laptops subject to information security policy.

For everyone’s assistance, I have simplified information security requirement on branch office desktops and laptops as below.

1. Central control and monitoring of pen drive access on laptops and branch office desktops

2. Central outgoing email vigilance and BCC vigilance on laptops and branch office desktops

3. Central Internet controls on branch office desktops to restrict internet misuse and minimize productivily loss.

4. Prevention of data leakage from laptop through internet access by taking care of above 4 points, entrepreneur can effectively exercise information security policy on branch office desktops and laptops.

In its pursuit to contribute to the SME growth story, Synersoft presents another innovation, this time known as BLACKbox DUO. This puts tight information security policies on branch office desktops and laptops so effectively and of course cost-effectively.

Our SME customers recognize and reward our efforts to understand their difficulties and give them practical solution. BLACKbox DUO is a wonderful piece of innovation, simple and fit to the purpose.

Signing off for now,

Best Regards,

Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO
Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd