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Maths Only : Easy to Agree

This month, we have seen zeros with awe and doubt. The generous zeros, which values, Flipkart, a 1000 CR top line company at 43000 CR in post-dotcom burst era. Only time will unwind the complexity.

Nevertheless, Mathematics does the wonders. So true, also for Synersoft.

Well, things are happening,

Synersoft is nominated as one of the top 50 Cool IT Startups from India, by Silicon India, one of the oldest IT publication. Thank you SMEs.

Why not,

Simple Mathematics has earned us 100000 users for our innovation BLACKbox.

Presenting wonderful mathematics, for an enterprise having 25 users,

One BLACKbox costing Rs 145,000 is equivalent to

1 File Server worth Rs 60,000
1 domain controller (windows domain with CALs) worth Rs 75,000
1 Firewall worth Rs 40,000
1 storage device of 4 TB worth Rs 35,000
1 Backup system worth Rs 25,000
1 data theft control system worth Rs 25,000
1 email vigilance system and email server worth 50,000 Rs
25 MS office licenses worth Rs 500,000

This totals to Rs 810,000.

It makes the decision making, just simple mathematics. By paying 145,000 for a BLACKBox, you are benefiting worth 810,000.

Do contact us with your requirements (no of users, locations etc), and benefit from this wonderful mathematics.

Best Regards,

Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO
Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd