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Hidden Liabilities and Impending Threats

Catching up on-line after a bit of long time. My wonderful and enterprising SME leaders and readers, are waiting for something good to happen with the economy beyond celebrations and slogans.

Recession and Cost-Cutting are synonymous.

Interestingly, Cost-Cutting proves the theory of karma.

What I am doing to my vendors, is what my customer is doing to me. and so on. One has to suffer for making the other suffer.

I have very insightful 2 points to make for SME’s own introspection.


Am I sitting on certain hidden liabilities which can shatter my finances in these bad times?

Well, most of the SMEs use pirated IT systems which they do not require, but they create unnecessary and huge penal liabilities by using them. Server is one of them. Most SMEs invest in server to centralize their data. They skip to count on software liability to afford a server. It is in terms of server licenses, CAL, TS CALs and many more.

You can completely avoid it without compromising on the objective of Data Centralization and User Permissions. Most SMEs do not need servers. Believe me.

2. Am I a weak competitor of my industry?

Cost cutting also means retrenchment and salary delays, which results in employee turnover. When they go, they go with your business information to the advantage of your competitors. Believe me, in bad times, demand is low and competition is cut-throat in real sense. You need the best system to protect your information from theft or infiltration.

You can protect your information from being stolen through pen drives, emails or Internet. Your Intellectual Property and Business Data needs to be guarded, don’t feel vulnerable.

Our innovation BLACKbox can help you get rid of

1. Hidden liabilities arising of usage of pirated software for data centralization, domain controlling and backup.

2. Chances of Data Theft from your desktops, laptops and servers.

It makes sense,

Best Regards,

Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO
Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd