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What’s your Ignorance Quotient? SMEs…

IQ also means, Ignorance Quotient

Almost every language of the world relates sleep with shock.

Like, Mr Modi must have lost his sleep aftermath Delhi election results.

Like, Mr kejriwal must have lost his sleep having realized impossibility of keeping the promises.

IQ, the ignorance quotient determines soundness of your sleep and likelihood of getting caught sleeping.

My SME friends, I notice such ignorance of yours and for good reasons, let me list the shocks which will make you loose some sleep.

Shock #1

90 percent of SMEs do not take regular backup of their non-ERP data. I.e. Spreadsheets, designs, drawings, documents etc.

Can you continue your business. If you loose your data?

Shock #2

99 percent of SMEs do not know that data manipulation is more dangerous than data deletion.

Can you continue your business if all your data is manipulated and overwritten in backup?

Shock #3

99 percent of SMEs cannot move all their data out of office in case of any emergency.

Can you move all your data out of office in 5 flat minutes?

Shock #4

90 percent of SMEs think that by formatting harddisk, data is deleted forever.

Do you know, deleted data can be easily recovered from formatted harddisk.

Shock #5

80 percent of SMEs think that by controlling pen drives, their data security is full proof.

Have you ever thought of data theft by email, internet or blind carbon copy?

Shock #6

90 percent SMEs think that computerization increases productivity.

Do you know that internet and computer can become major reason for productivity loss?

Shock #7

99 percent of SMES believe that security of data is not possible on laptop.

Do you know, laptops being used by senior people, need more security?

Shock #8

90 percent SMEs do not have backup of their emails.

Can you continue your business if you loose all your past email communications with the world?

Shock #9

99 percent of SMEs wonder how financial fraud happens on emails.

Are you equipped to prevent frauds happening by using your email id to change bank account in which your customers deposit funds?

Shock #10

99 percent of SMEs believe that their all data is centralized on server.

Do you know, all data is not centralized on server because users have choice to save data elsewhere?

Shock #11

99 percent SMEs make IT decisions without thinking of hidden liabilities of software licensing.

Do you know, such huge licensing liabilities are the result of mindless advice, which otherwise can be avoided?

Well, if I have made you loose your sleep by shocks, I want to make it up. Our innovation BLACKbox offers convincing solutions on above listed concerns.

So, don’t loose anything, neither the sleep nor the business. BLACKbox is an ultimate device to make you more confident, competitive and efficient.

I am glad, we are instrumental in this revolution.

Best regards,

Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO,
Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd