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BLACKbox : The kind of Avengers for SMEs

BLACKbox : Kind of Avengers for SMEs

Times have changed. I used to wait for the movie of my favorite super hero. Now a days, a 2 hour flick on a single super hero lacks content and looses grip. How about showing the best of each super hero teaming up with others and emerge as winners? Series Avengers is the classic example of such innovation.

I can’t wait anymore to derive this analogy with our innovation BLACKbox. Traditional IT systems are complex, disintegrated and comprehensive. It is too complex and expensive for an SME having 5 to 50 computers. By investing in all 7 systems, they end up paying for what they are not going to use completely.

BLACKbox is designed as a combination of 7 IT systems with their most used features, relevant to SMEs. Let’s understand it. Why not, This Simple Mathematics has earned us 100000 plus users for our innovation BLACKbox.

Presenting wonderful mathematics, for an enterprise having 15 users,

One BLACKbox costing Rs 150,000 is equivalent to

1 File Server worth Rs 60,000, say the Hulk
1 domain controller (windows domain with CALs) worth Rs 75,000, Say the IronMan
1 Firewall worth Rs 40,000, Say the Captain America
1 storage device of 4 TB worth Rs 35,000, Say the Thor
1 Backup system worth Rs 25,000, Say the Black Widow
1 data theft control system worth Rs 25,000, Say the Hawk Eye
1 email vigilance system and email server worth Rs 50,000, Say the Quick Silver
10 MS office licenses worth Rs 200,000, Say the Ultron

This totals to Rs 510,000.

BLACKbox gives best of all IT systems in single box. You spend for what you use. Like the best of each superhero in a single flick.

It makes the decision making, just simple mathematics. By paying 150,000 for a BLACKBox, you are benefiting worth 510,000. You are spared from hassles of integrating and maintaining 7 different systems.

Do contact us with your requirements (no of users, locations etc), and benefit from this wonderful mathematics.

BLACKbox starts at Rs 65000 for 5 users,

Best Regards,
Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO
Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Battles to compete : SMEs can’t ignore

With my first blog of FY 15-16, I foresee paradigm shift in competitive drivers affecting SMEs.

Industrial slow down, credit standstill, and over supply situation is toughening the competition in every industry. Believe it or not, quality, technology and cost effectiveness are no more match winners. They are mere essentials for survival.

Poaching on others’ pie happens to be the new game when competition gets tough.

With more and more digitization of intellectual property and business information, it’s very easy to poach someone’s pie.

Information theft, data manipulation, and data loss can seriously affect business continuity and competitiveness.

Here, doing something is as bad as doing nothing. Your information security can be either full proof or fully exposed, either dazzling white or jade black. Grey will be disastrous.

These are the reasons why information security is no longer an IT manager’s decision. It is high time, SME owners take it seriously and budget it as capital investment instead of operational expense.

I meet many SME owners who believe that they have done adequate for information security. Mostly it is done in inadequate and amateur manner. And they remain exposed.

Our knowledge center offers such audit to serious SMEs to make them aware of such vulnerabilities which could lower their competitiveness.

I invite you to opt for such an audit to know your mark on information security scale.

We believe, our technology BLACKBOX protects your

1. Intellectual properties (designs, formula, drawings),

2. Business information (tender bids, sourcing, production patterns),

3. Prospects and Customer Information (Inquiries, Orders and Costing)

In the most sophisticated manner you could think of.

That’s all for now,

Best Regards,
Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO,
Synersoft Technologies Pvt ltd