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Saving v/s Suffering, Email Dilemma of SMEs

In last few years, enterprise email communication systems have gone through paradigm shift. There is a persistent dilemma between Saving v/s suffering.

SMEs have 2 types of email users.

Type 1 Email Users

Top management and senior management users who need best featured email systems equipped with large mailbox, anywhere access, as well as seamless sync among all devices, desktop, tablet, cellphone and laptop.

Type 2 Email Users

Office users who need to send and receive emails, that too, while they are in office, say plain vanilla email system accessed through email clients like outlook, thunderbird etc.

The biggest problem is, either type of the email system will apply on all users. 1st type costs significant on recurring basis as it needs to be paid for all users, no matter, all users need it or not. 2nd type is cost effective, but serves a painful source of suffering as senior management group needs all features, but they are served with plain vanilla, no frills email system.

The myth is, you can either have type 1 email system or type 2 email system, but pay for all users.

The myth is, you can’t have hybrid email system, type 1 for few users and type 2 for most users.

For everyone’s benefit, let me make this statement. You can have combination of type 1 and type 2 email systems by some smart DNS work and implementing right technology. Yes, it is possible to provide feature rich email system for select few users, and vanilla email systems for rest of the users. This will save cost without restricting availability of advance features to select users.

BLACKbox, our legendary innovation is equipped with design of such email system. You can provide large mail boxes with anywhere access, active sync amongst all possible devices for select users and plain vanilla email systems for office users. Not only this but also it implements best information security, vigilance and fraud prevention practices for email usage.

Best Regards,

Vishal Shah

Founder and CEO
Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

Secret we Exploited, CEO reveals, for SMEs

Success Mantras, Achievers are privileged to throw them, only once they succeed.

We catch them, correlate with their success and WOW it.

Today, I feel like revealing our secret of success, the intention is clear, I see immense scope of adapting our formula of success in every possible industry. Specially for my SME friends…


Championing a Large Target Segment To Realize Their Survival-Linked Objectives byExceptionally Simple Solution.

Let me dissect this formula, phrase by phrase, for better understanding.

Championing ::: we never have sales motives while advising our customers. Our logical analysis help them rationally choose what’s right for them.

A Large Target Segment ::: There are 36 million registered MSMEs only in India. A small market share is enough for a stellar growth. BTW, we just reached 107000 plus deployments.

To Realize Their Survival-Linked Objectives ::: Business Continuity andCompetitiveness ::: To survive the global competition, they are compelled to adopt IT. Their assets go digital to a dangerous extent. If they are lost or deleted, intentionally or otherwise, they can’t continue business and can’t survive. If they are stolen or defrauded, they become uncompetitive, and can’t survive.

by Exceptionally Simple Solution ::: The solution we have designed is just 8 inch by 4 inch in size with huge processing and storage. Exceptionally simple. It champions SMEs to realize business continuity by Data Portability and Data Preservation. It champions SMEs to realize competitiveness by adequate Information Security, Fraud Prevention and Productivity Monitoring.

I strongly believe that simplicity of solution always wins. We have championed and proved that, gone are the days of complicated and heterogeneous IT infrastructure, like file server, firewall, domain controller, storage, backup solutions, mail server and end point security. We have created, just an 8 inch by 4 inch box and you have all you need.

It’s simple.

I hope to have helped my SME friends to rework on their success formula in these tough times.

Best Regards,

Vishal Shah

Founder and CEO,
Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd