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Your hat please, Mr Customer Sir…

Well, here is my first blog of FY 2016-17. I would like to share the immense benefit we have derived, just by changing the hats.

It is a good idea to change the hat with your own customers, when you feel drained on yourinnovation instincts. It happens. We changed hats with our customers when we wanted “out of box” and “practical” ideas to solve certain common problems of SMEs. For everyone’s benefit, I would like to share them all.

Changing the Hat for Fraud Investigation and Productivity Assurance

We wanted to enhance BLACKbox by developing a tool which creates capability for SME owner, in the need to investigate any digital fraud or wants to review productivity of employee on computer. We exchanged hats with one of our customer who is into stock broking, where third party banking / bulk payment upload happens on many of the desks. This customer suggested that if we can record the screens of every desktop, it becomes very useful while investigating any fraud and nail the culprit.

Our scientists developed a blockbuster feature branded as “Play back Office” popularly known as PBO which captures computer activities which can be played back in case of investigation. Most of the customers gave us feedback that it can even solve the productivity issues in organization as people know that their computer activities are captured and they cannot waste time.

Changing the Hat for Email Fraud Prevention

We come across many email fraud incidents in news papers. In most cases, hackers or internal betrayer takes control of official email id and advises customers to transfer payment in fraudulent accounts. We changed hats with one customer who was also victim of such fraud.

Our scientists developed Smart Dual Password System while using email and eliminated possibility of email identity theft. Now it is the standard features and we could never think of it, had we not exchanged the hats with customers.

Changing the Hat for Internet Controls

We are getting more and more digitally social. So are our employees. Gone are the days to restrict Internet through firewalls. We changed hats with one customer who wanted to restrict internet all the day except 1 hour in afternoon. He wanted to allow full internet to employees for any personal work, but did not want to allow access to his confidential / sensitive enterprise data while employees are using unrestricted internet during that hour to avoid any data theft possibility.

Our scientists developed a Democratic Solution, they named it “Happy Hours“. The time slot which allows employees to access internet in unrestricted manner, is known as happy hours. Employee can check in to this happy hours. As soon as he checks into happy hours, all enterprise data is vaulted and he cannot access enterprise data while using unrestricted / un-monitored internet.

Thanks to all our customers who exchanged the hats and kept us innovatively alive.

My best wishes for a prosperous financial year ahead to all my Indian SME connects,

Best Regards,
Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO,
Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd