Back-Office Box (BOBOX)

Back-Office Management is not,
The Rocket Science


Backoffice Box

Synersoft believes in cost effectiveness for SMEs. We have chosen the best of the open source technology and simplified it. Yes, We offer, SUGARCRM, one of the world’s best known and comprehensive platform for managing Customer Data, Tasks, Emails, Campaigns, Cases, Projects, Documents.

We have also modified it to suit different verticals. Last but not the least, we have innovated the delivery, so that SMEs don’t have to invest in software licenses or hardware. It is offered on unlimited users terms, which allows SMEs to scale-up without worrying about expenses.

BOBox is being continuously developed to suit requirements of various SME verticals. Fully commercial version of BOBox intended for CAs (Charter Accountants) is available for adoption. BOBox for CAs

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