BLACKbox Duo for Branches and Laptops

Head Offices are BLESSED,
Branch offices are EXEMPTED

We are accountable for what we do, We are also accountable for what we do not do. 90% of large enterprises invest well in Head Office to ensure information security and data preservation. They are not equally guarded at branch level as far as IT security is concerned. Mostly, They are also ignoring IT security loopholes on users’ laptops.

DUO Technology on BLACKbox Platform

DUO Technology on BLACKbox Platform

Without use of expensive solution, you can ensure information security on all desktops at your branch offices, ware houses or on laptops of your employees. DUO is path breaking innovation by Synersoft Technologies on BLACKbox platform.

You can control internet access, vigil email system, monitor data theft from central location and enforce them on your users’ laptops or desktops at branch offices.

You can,

1. Control and monitor pen drive usage on branch office desktops and laptops
2. Vigil email system for data leakage or theft on branch office desktops and laptops
3. Vigil Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) used by branch office desktops or laptops with potential of data leakage.
4. Monitor and control productivity loss due to internet misuse on brahc office desktop or laptops
5. BLACKbox DUO can enable 2 users profiles for single user. In freedom profile, user can access anything of the world but company data and in professional profile, user can access anything of company data but nothing of the world.

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