Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Complex and Disintegrated IT Systems Requiring Professional Manager                     Simple and Integrated IT

BLACKbox is a single hardware which serves the purpose of 7 different micro IT systems. It saves significant cost of server hardware and server operating system licenses / CALs, firewall, mail server, backup system, storage system and end point solutions. It serves as ideal IT infrastructure for SMEs and branch offices of large enterprises with small networks from 10 computers to 100 computers. click to know more…

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  1. This is interesting. How much cost saving can be achieved, say we have 25 users using tally, office, internet and email.

    • Hi Prateik,
      By thumb rule, you can save 60% of the cost. Check this out. To serve all the features of BLACKbox, you need to buy following components for 25 users network.
      1. An entry level server at INR 60,000 (USD 1,200)
      2. Microsoft Server standard OS at INR 42,000 (USD 800)
      3. 25 Client Access Licenses at INR 25,000 (USD 500)
      4. A 25 users UTM Firewall at INR 40,000 (USD 800)
      5. Exchange Server or IMail Server or equivalent at INR 1,00,000 (USD 1,800)
      6. A NAS and backup solution at INR 35,000 (USD 700)
      7. You will have to find an IT professional to integrate all these and then maintain it also.

      It sums up at approx INR 300,000 (USD 5,800). The equivalent BB will cost you approx INR 1,25,000 (USD 2,500). It is simple and integrated which requires minimal effort to setup unlike 6-7 different systems integrated by a professional. Our team can do it on turnkey basis as for whole year, they support you remotely. I hope it answers your question. Thanks for contacting us.

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