BLACKbox for SME

IT is a tough call for SMEs. They are too busy to evaluate and invest in complex IT systems, and retain a professional IT manager. But, they compete globally. Their Information Technology Adoption needs to be as standard as it is in any large organization…

State of IT impacts Business Continuity and Competitiveness

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  1. We are using SAP for ERP. Is BLACKbox a firewall?

    • Thanks for contacting us,

      BLACKbox is an integrated system for data centralization, data backup, versioning of data backup, pen drive usage monitor, mail server, mail vigilance system, and internet proxy server.

      Since you use SAP, BLACKbox can be useful in preserving of your spreadsheets, documents, drawings and other technical data. You can also secure them from data theft. This can also function to backup your email, vigil outbound emails and preventing data theft by email. Your data can be exported from SAP or server and can be emailed or taken away on pen drives.

      BLACKbox is an integrated approach to IT, it is far more than a firewall, in other words, firewall is a small part of BLACKbox.

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