Customers don’t expect you to be perfect.
They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.

BLACKbox requires very few after sales support calls. Nevertheless, we have invested in state of the art after sales services infrastructure and skilled human resources.

We operate on “Touch Free” after sales support to ensure timely attendance of the job by domain experts related to nature of problem.

You may need to call us for after sales support in following eventualities. You can manage it on your own, as well as our support team will be pleased to help you.

1. Modification in users’ profile, rights, vigilance settings, backup settings.
2. Addition of new user with designated profile
3. Any trouble shooting related to BLACKbox.

We insist that our customers follow protocol to request for after sales support. After sales support can be logged with our team either by phone call or email or by clicking “Log Request” on our website. Our support team will take support call only from authorized coordinator designated by customer.

In case you prefer to call us, following are the numbers to be contacted.

+91 79 26464963. 26464964, 26464965, 26464966
+91 79 9227765821, 22, 23, 24, 25

In case you prefer to email us, you send email with your concern on

Or Click here

Your request / problem will be understood by support coordinator over phone or by call back. It will be queued in our system and you will receive your support ticket number by email. You can use this number for any future communication.

If the matter is urgent, you can advise support coordinator to take it on urgent basis. This will bypass our system and senior resource will take it up with top priority. Kindly express the urgency in genuinely urgent circumstances.

On completion of your support request, email notification will be sent to the person designated by customer and ticket will be closed.


  1. I perceive that support is by the means of remote and touch free attendance of the call. What if, I require onsite visit only?

    • Thanks for your query. We would be pleased to provide you last mile support by onsite attendance. However, there is a cost tagged with this kind of support mode. We are going virtual all the way, in technology matters. By remote support, prompt response can be possible, instead of waiting for person to visit. There is another advantage associated. If your problem is complex, it can be immediately escalated to call for attendance by the specialist who can check the issue remotely. However, you can contact our sales department to know on-site visit charges. We strongly recommend remote support for the prompt and effective service levels.

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