Unseen Assets, Unforeseen Risks…
September 18, 2017
Finally, the count down is over.
January 4, 2018
Dear Readers,

Over last one month our sales team sent out regular email on price rise as well as some tax and interest cost benefits on investment in BLACKbox. I see unprecedented sales growth as many proactive enterprises who have bought BLACKbox before price goes up and also have taken tax and interest benefits.

Nevertheless, our price rise practice did not go well with some potential buyers. I am approached by many entrepreneurs and purchase managers with a direct question,

Why do you raise price of BLACKbox every 6 months?

Here are five strong reasons why we increase price of BLACKbox every six months.

  1. Skimming the Milk Strategy
  2. Our closest American, German or Japanese competitor in Data Preservation and Information Security space, is 4 times more expensive and 10 time more complex than BLACKbox. As our relentless commitment to maximize Wealth of our Share Holders, price is increased every six months

  3. Investment v/s Expenditure
  4. BLACKbox is an investment enterprise makes to ensure its business continuity by data preservation and maintain its competitiveness by information security. It is not the expenditure. A good investment always appreciates, so is the investment in BLACKbox. Our 5 year old customers have appreciated their investment almost by 2.5 times.

  5. Lavish Research and Development Investment
  6. We do not cut the corners in maturing and enhancing BLACKbox. High profitability is the key to keep innovating. Our sharp R and D strategy has made BLACKbox work with any vertical, may it be, architect, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, engineering, charter accountancy, BPO, trading or any vertical we can imagine. BLACKbox is almost fine tuned with any environment, may it be as simple as tally or as complex as SAP. It works seamlessly with simple software (word excel pdf etc) to complex design technologies (autocad, 3D, E-Tab etc)..

  7. After Sales Infrastructure
  8. BLACKbox is supported by automated yet personalized state of the art support desk infrastructure. We keep investing and creating such facilities with sharp technology adoption. We have 97+ percent of renewal of AMC. These all gear up value of the product in the hands of new customer.

  9. Continuous Features Addition
  10. BLACKbox is enriched by new features regularly. May it be, screen recording for fraud investigation, dual password email system for identity theft prevention, reporting of pen drive usage, secured happy hours, automatic laptop backup on data center, seamless connectivity with data center for cost effective disaster response site and many more to come

    I hope above points will place us in a good light. We are not witch-y profiteers. We are just making money on our relentless hard work and technical superiority.

Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO,


  1. Milan Shah says:

    Good one Vishalbhai, real professionally managed business in today’s vulnerable software security environment. See you in near future. Regards, Milan Shah.

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