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January 26, 2019
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February 27, 2019
Hi There,

As the subject suggests, in this email I am going to break some serious notions.

Many IT managers or vendors advise SMEs to buy NAS device or file server for their data centralization, storage and backup needs. There are some serious concerns which can leave SME exposed to very high risk of data loss when they use NAS / File Server.

System of NAS or File Server is always at the mercy of the users. IT managers have to instruct users to save data on NAS or File Server. If user does not save data on NAS or File Server, and keeps saving data on his / her computer, data does not get centralized, remains scattered on desktops / laptops. This makes backup of NAS / File server utterly useless.

Many a times, IT managers install scheduler on individual desktop to backup data on NAS / File Server. This practice is very unreliable as it may be possible that at the time of schedule, computer is turned of by user or user has disabled the backup software or while backup is going on, user has turned of the backup.

Mostly, IT managers do not have any tools to version the data. So, ransomware will ruin the backup data also.
Most of the IT managers take backup and keep backup in same hardware or premises. In case of disaster, enterprise ends up loosing all its data..

We are having low cost product called BLACKBox lite,which overcomes above problems by our signature technology, forced data centralization, versioning and data center backup. Following is the key matrix for everyone’s understanding.

Risk Overview Server NAS BLACKbox Lite
Scattered Data on Desktop Risk Yes Yes No
Licensing Liability Risk Yes No No
Data Loss Risk by Disaster* Yes Yes No
Data Loss Risk by Ransomware*—————————— Yes Yes No
Feature Overview Server NAS BLACKbox Lite
Forced Centralization No No Yes
Versioning of Data No No Yes
VPN with Data Center No No Yes
12 Month Installment Payment* No No Yes
5 Years Warranty No No Yes
Integrated Power Management System* No No Yes
Vault and Workspace for Data Organization* No No Yes
High Performance Multi Users Concurrency Yes No No
SSD Caching and Link Aggregation No No Yes
Real Time Breathe on Breathe Hardware Redundancy No No Yes
File Level Access Controls Yes No No
Active Recycle Bin (collective for all users) No No Yes
Buy Back Offer at full price for upgradation* No No Yes
Addon Information Security Modules No No Yes

* Conditions Apply

This product is available at almost 40% of the cost of enterprise BLACKBox. And it turns out to be marginal cost above the cost of NAS device and far below the cost of a server. A right decision makes a big difference.

Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO,
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