IT Infrastructure Audit

Synersoft offers infrastructure audit services to SMEs. We believe that SMEs do not make their IT decisions in scientific manner as IT is adopted by virtue of managing growth. As they grow, they procure IT components.

We can reasonably presume that there would be ample scope of performance enhancement and cost minimization in such IT setups. We offer these services at reasonable charges of INR 10,000 plus prevailing service tax. We include following activities in the audit.

  1. Interaction with SME customer about nagging problems to be resolved.
  2. Interaction with SME customer about objectives to be achieved through IT adoption process.
  3. Assessment of data theft and data loss vulnerability of existing IT setup and suggestions to improve upon.
  4. Assessment of backup strategy and evaluation of effectiveness of backup system
  5. Assessment of event logs on server and desktops for viruses, worms and any threats.
  6. Assessment of application deployment and its performance tuning.
  7. Audit report with concrete suggestions and cost benefit analysis.
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