BLACKbox with Hardware

Who should buy it?

BLACKbox is designed for enterprises
  • wanting to preserve their documents / spreadsheets / ERP data / drawings / designs / emails from Ransomware, Data Loss
  • wanting to secure their documents / spreadsheets / ERP data / drawings / designs / emails from data theft and manipulation.
  • wanting to minimize their software licensing cost significantly.


BLACKbox is developed on the assumption that
  • Every enterprise needs to preserve Digital Assets (documents, spreadsheets, ERP data, drawings, designs, emails)
  • Loss of these digital assets will affect its business continuity and,
  • Theft of these digital assets will make enterprise competitively vulnerable.
In nutshell, BLACKbox is designed to preserve and secure digital asset to ensure business continuity and competitiveness.

How does BLACKbox help enterprise to achieve business continuity goals?

BLACKbox helps organization to achieve business continuity goals by
  • Forced Centralization of Data
  • Automatic Backup and Versioning of Data
  • Pushing the Data on Data Center to provide for Disaster Response

How does BLACKbox help enterprise to ensure Competitiveness?

BLACKbox helps organization to ensure its competitiveness by
  • Protecting Data Theft over USB, Email or Internet
  • Enabling organization to devise systems which can detect Data Theft attempts

Features of BLACKbox

Innovative Data Centralization for Business Continuity

BLACKbox is a full fledged file server. It does what a traditional file server cannot do.
BLACKbox solves most common challenge with traditional file servers for data centralization. Traditional file server configured for data centralization cannot store all data if users do not save files on file server. Traditionally users have a choice to save (read scatter) data on their local computers also. BLACKbox innovatively forces users to save data on itself so that users are not given choice to save files on any other location but BLACKbox.
This feature of BLACKbox makes sure that digital assets are not scattered on desktops. This is the first step to achieve business continuity by data preservation. When enterprise is sure that all its data is centralized at one place, it is very simple to provide for backup strategy.

Innovative Folder Structure Enforcement for Business Continuity
BLACKbox solves another most common challenge with traditional file server. BLACKbox can profile enterprise users to use certain folder structures only. Users are not left with choice to save data beyond the defined folder structure. Unlike traditional file servers it organizes data in better manner in predefined folder structure.

Vault and Workspace Method for Business Continuity
BLACKbox provides vault for archived data for any time reference for the users. It also provides workspace for ongoing projects. It also provides moderator role to the user who can transfer finished projects / files / documents to vault. Users can only refer data in vault but can’t change it.

Automatic Backup of Forcefully Centralized Data on Data Center or Media for Business Continuity
All data which is forcefully centralized on BLACKbox, is backed up on desired media or data center. BLACKbox also takes backup of designated folders from enterprise’s ERP server. By pushing data on data center, BLACKbox provides for business continuity post-disaster situation.

Versioning of Data Backup to minimize impact of Ransomware or Data Manipulation for Business Continuity
BLACKbox maintains number of versions for the backup on desired media as well as on data center. Ransomware or any manipulation of data will corrupt latest version of the data. In such event, enterprise can always restore data from previous version on BLACKbox, or media or data center.

Domain Policies for Information Security
BLACKbox enforces specific enterprise policies on users, so that they cannot manage LAN, cannot install new software, cannot change certain crucial system settings of computer. Instead, they are provided with application rights relevant to their job profile and can compute only to the extent admin has allowed.

Email Server with Innovative Email Shadowing for Business Continuity
BLACKbox acts as full fledged mail server with innovative email shadowing technology. Normally, users use email client in which emails are stored as pst or such files. These files are prone to corruption and can cause email data loss. BLACKbox acts as a full fledged mail server which shadows every email coming in or going out from itself, that too user wise and date wise. So, if user finds corrupt pst or such file, admin can restore all in-out mails in minutes.

Email server with Innovative Vigilance for Information Security
BLACKbox acts as full fledged mail server which provides vigilance controls on email communication. You can define email users policy on where he / she can or cannot send email, what he / she can or cannot send emails to suit your information security requirements.

Email server with Innovative BCC intercept for Information Security
BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) is an easy way to leak data from enterprise. BLACKbox intercepts BCC, allows or disallows as per policy and submits report to designated users with content of email and recepients in BCC.

Innovative Dual Password System in Email Server for Information Security
BLACKbox uses innovative dual password technology to prevent email identity theft induced frauds.

Innovative USB drive policies with report generation for Information Security
BLACKbox makes all USB ports of connected computers, “smart”. Enterprise can define policy on USB usage for key board, mouse, printer and deny usage of USB by pen drives, hard drives, mobile phones on USB. It can also define policy that data can be brought in the enterprise network over USB, but cannot be taken out on USB. It can also define policy where entrusted users can take data out on USB, but report is generated and sent to designated users for evidence purpose.

Innovative Screen Capture and Play Back for Fraud Investigation
BLACKbox can capture screens of every computers and store it for months for play back in future. In case enterprise suspects any fraud on a specific computer, and wants to play back what happened weeks or months ago, it can do it. This empowers enterprise with capability to investigate any frauds.

Innovative Happy Hours in Firewall for Information Security
BLACkbox acts as a firewall for your network and controlling internet usage for users. Admin can define internet policies for each user. It also works on the concept of happy hours, which gives full access of internet to users during happy hours, but at the same time, isolates enterprise data so it cannot be infiltrated out on internet.

Innovative Hybrid Cloud Technology for Laptops and Branch Offices
All the policies can be enforced on laptops and branch office computers which are not connected with BLACKbox. However, all above features can be implemented on Laptops and Branch Computers through agent (client side), server (blackbox on cloud).

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