Your entrepreneurial instinct has struck you on this page. Yes, it is an opportunity by the change. BLACKbox changes the way your customers adopt IT. Very nontraditional, cost effective and hassle free. If you have at least 15 SME customers using more than 10 computers, you are eligible to apply for Channel Partnership Program (CPP). With marginal investment, you can achieve flourishing business. You get,

  • BLACKbox Certified Professional training for 1 of your technical staff (20 hours)
  • Credit for online exam fees for 1 attempt by your technical staff
  • BLACKbox sales training for yourself (4 hours)
  • 25 presentations by senior managers of STPL at your client place for convincing the customer
  • Access to Lead Management System of STPL
  • Access to BLACKbox Knowledge Center, And of course, good margins on your sales
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