SMEs are deprived of appropriate guidance on IT strategies, unlike large organizations. Can we infer it as apathy of IT companies towards SMEs?

We believe so, hence we have acted. It is our initiative to help SMEs on any IT issue they face at reasonable cost.

Synersoft is equipped with highly qualified human resources in the field of email systems, server management, electronics engineering, data security, data preservation, hacking defense, spamming issues, application performance tuning and many more.

We believe that SMEs do not make their IT decisions in scientific manner as IT is adopted by virtue of managing growth. As they grow, they procure IT components. This results in various challenges related to licensing compliance problems, under-performing hardware / software, data loss, data theft, IP reputation problems, and many more.

This is an on demand knowledge center. You ask any question, we answer that with result orientation. You may register yourself and become member by paying yearly INR 12,000, (USD 250). You may try our services for the period of 1 month free of cost for limited to 5 advises. Your questions will be answered by experts in 48 hours.

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