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BLACKbox Software for Information Security on Laptops

Who should buy it?

  • BLACKbox Software for Information Security on Laptops is designed for the enterprises who have laptop users carrying handling company’s digital assets on their laptop devices
  • Such enterprises need to regularly backup the data lying on laptops
  • Such enterprises need to secure data on laptops to avoid any competitive exploitation.


BLACKbox Software for information security on laptops is developed on the assumption that
Growing enterprises have growing users who use portable devices like laptops. Such laptops carry company’s digital assets. Important data on these laptops is not regularly backed up. Also, enterprises need to prevent data theft from this laptops by USB, email or Internet.

In nutshell, BLACKbox software for Information Security on laptop is designed to preserve and secure digital asset on laptops

Features of BLACKbox Software for Laptop Backup and Information Security on Laptops

Professional and Personal Drive for Selective Data Backup on Laptops

BLACKbox technology divides each laptop in professional and personal drives. Enterprise data always remains on professional drive. Neither can user work on enterprise data from personal drive nor can he transfer enterprise data to personal drive.

Information Security Policies on Professional Drive of Laptop
Policies apply when user works on professional drive containing enterprise data to ensure information security on email, USB and internet.

Email Vigilance on Professional Drive
While user is working on professional drive, BLACKbox software loaded on laptop vigilance controls on email client used by laptop user in professional drive. You can define email users policy on where he / she can or cannot send email, what he / she can or cannot send emails to suit your information security requirements. Also, BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) is an easy way to leak data from enterprise. In professional drive mode, BLACKbox softwrae intercepts BCC from email client, allows or disallows as per policy and submits report to designated users with content of email and recepients in BCC.

Innovative USB drive policies with report generation in Professional Drive Mode
BLACKbox software loaded on your laptops, makes all USB port, “smart”. Enterprise can define policy on USB usage for key board, mouse, printer and deny usage of USB by pen drives, hard drives, mobile phones on USB. It can also define policy that data can be brought in the laptop over USB, but cannot be taken out on USB. It can also define policy where entrusted users can take data out on USB, but report is generated and sent to designated users for evidence purpose.

Online Backup of Laptops on Data Center with Versioning for Professional Drive
BLACKbox software connects to BLACKbox data center and takes backup of professional drive regularly with versioning. In case laptop is stolen, crashed, infected, enterprise can recover data from data center. In case laptop is infected by ransomware, enterprise gets previous versions of data to minimize down time.

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