BLACKbox for GMail

Who should buy it?

  • Enterprise wanting to minimize yearly cost of GMail services
  • Enterprise wanting to use GMail services for selected users and POP3 services for rest of the users at low cost for the same domain


BLACKbox GMail is developed on the assumption that
Most of the Enterprises need GMail services for limited number of users. 10% of email users require to use all facilities of GMail and 90% of the email users only use POP3 services. Enterprises find it costly to pay GMail charges for all users though it is useful to only 10% of the users.

In nutshell, BLACKbox for GMail can split your domain services such that few emails can be used on GMail and rest of the emails can be used on POP3.

Features of BLACKbox for GMail

Privilege GMail Users

By subscribing to these services, organization can provide full featured GMail services on its domain to selected users at standard GMail price.

Ordinary POP3 Users with Webmail
For the same domain on which few users are using full featured GMail services, enterprise can provide POP3 email ids to majority of users at fraction of the cost. These ids can be accessed from POP3 clients on desktop, mobile, laptops. The emails will be downloaded and pool space will be vacated. In case enterprise want to keep backup of these emails on data center, they can subscribe to data center services.

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