Data center for Disaster Recovery

BLACKbox with Data Center Backup for Disaster Recovery

Who should buy it?

  • Enterprise wanting to avail disaster recovery provisions which backs up data on servers off the premise
  • Enterprise wanting to maintain versions of important data off the premise


BLACKbox Software with Data Center Backp for Disaster Recovery is developed on the assumption that
Most of the Enterprises backup up important data on the server inside the server, or external hard disk or NAS device in the same premise. Any disaster in the said premise destroys primary data as well as backup data.

In nutshell, BLACKbox with data center backup of disaster recovery is designed to preserve digital asset off the premise or away from the premise.

Features of BLACKbox jwith Data Center for Disaster Recovery

Selective Data Backup of Servers

BLACKbox software connects to BLACKbox data center and takes backup of selected data on servers regularly with versioning. In case server is crashed, infected, enterprise can recover data from data center. In case server is infected by ransomware, enterprise gets previous versions of data to minimize down time.

Admin Access to Data at Central Location
Admin role at the enterprise can check the data backup in single screen for all the servers, can restore selected data for designated user / application, go backward on previous version for specific data file for designated laptop.

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