BLACKbox for GMail

Who should buy it?

  • Enterprises wanting to minimize email exchange for internal tasks
  • Enterprises wanting to engage users with enterprise level task management system over mobiles, laptops or desktops


Taskbox is developed on the assumption that
Most of the Enterprises use emails for internal communication. Email system does not respect deadlines, do not give visibility on status of work assigned on email, floods to and fro emails and affect efficiency of the users.

In nutshell, Taskbox is designed to replace use of emails for internal communication and impart availability of the software on mobiles, laptops and desktops.

Features of TASKbox

  • Create teams
  • Create process templates
  • Create tasks
  • Upload documents
  • Multilingual updates
  • On mobile, on laptop, on desktop app availability
  • Dashboard on pending tasks, ongoing tasks, deadlines, checklists
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