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April 1, 2019
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April 11, 2019

Do you have a Rajnikanth at Office?

BlackBox 3D - Do you have a Rajnikanth At your Office?

Rajinikanth, the super star, has now become vocabulary. Synonymous to “I can do impossible”. Thanks to the jokes in our boxes. “Mind it”, this is not a joke.

Modestly, our tech gang is inspired. 11 Years ago, Yes, we aspired to act Rajnikanth for IT issues of Data Loss and Data Theft.

With the launch of BLACKbox 3D, We have emerged as single hardware integrated solution to achieve Data LossPrevention and Data Theft Prevention for your enterprise. Like Rajini Sir, Like BLACKbox3D, there is no another.

With the launch of BLACKbox3D, We are completing the circle. Till date we helped you with DataTheftPrevention from Desktops and Laptops. Now, we can help you with DataTheftPrevention from Desktops, Laptops and Mobiles/Tablets.

What is perceived to be impossible by IT industry is made possible by our Rajinikanth (read BLACKbox3D). Following are glimpses.

A. It is impossible for File Servers to centralize all data if users do not save data on File Server. Our forced centralization makes it effortlessly possible.

B. It is impossible to restore latest copy of intentionally / accidentally deleted file from network. Our Active Recycle Bin makes it effortlessly possible.

C. It is impossible to find out who intentionally deleted file from shared network folder. Our technology tags users who deleted file from shared network folder.

D. It is impossible to recover all data instantly after ransomware attack. Our vault and workspace technology restores data instantly and maintains your business continuity.

E. It is very difficult to check data leakage over internet on Mobiles / Laptops / Desktops. Internet is required by the users. Our happy hours technology extends internet access to needy users but isolates data to prevent leakage during unrestricted internet session.

F. It is impossible to prevent data leakage over emails. Our technology enforces extensive vigilance policies and prevent data leakage.

G. It is very difficult to segregate USB access for Keyboard / Mouse and for Pen Drive. Our technology identifies device connected with USB and prevents data leakage if any.

H. It is very difficult to take backup of laptop users. Our technology takes backup of laptop users from where they are.

I. It is very difficult to prevent data leakage through laptops. Our technology makes is effortlessly possible.

J. It is very difficult to prevent data leakage from mobiles / tablets as users use enterprise data on these device. Our technology prevents data leakage from mobiles / tablets effortlessly.

I am please to announce that all existing BLACKbox customers will get free upgrade to BLACKbox3D. Device licenses for mobile / tablets will be extended at incredibly introductory price.

Let me know if you want to set up meeting with this Rajinikanth.
Best Regards,

Vishal Shah

Founder and CEO,

Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

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