Anything Too good to believe, is not April Fool. BlackBox MAX Launch Anniversay
blackbox by synersoft technologies
It feels Like Avengers, Seriously.
March 26, 2019
BlackBox 3D - Do you have a Rajnikanth At your Office?
Do you have a Rajnikanth at Office?
April 8, 2019

No April Fool Please

BlackBox MAX_Ransomware Protection

This day in 2018 we launched BlackBox MAX. Celebrating 1st Anniversary.

BLACKBox MAX is the only choice of Indian enterprises who are serious about Data Preservation and Information Security. Following are the highlights about BLACKBox MAX.

Don’t worry about accidental deletion of data, BBMAX is equipped with 30 day Active Recycle Bin.

Don’t worry about Ransomware Infection, BBMAX is equipped with time machine on backup. If your Antivirus and Firewall fail to stop Ransomware, just travel past the time and restore all your good data.

Don’t worry about mischievous users who delete or manipulate file data. BBMAX is equipped with all file operation trail and fish out the “wrong doer”

Don’t worry about giving admin rights to manager. BBMAX is equipped with Permission Manager who can only manage access permissions.

Don’t worry about intentional or unintentional changes in old data, BBMAX provides separate Vault (for old data) and Workspace (for current data) accessible in single screen with no changes allowed in Vault.

Don’t worry about data scattered on computers, NAS, servers. BBMAX is already equipped with our exclusive “Forced Centralization” Technology which will not allow “data scatter” at all.

Don’t worry about disaster destroying BBMAX hardware, BBMAX can be connected with our data center to equip you with DR site.

Don’t worry about speed, BBMAX can be taken with SSD caching and link aggregation.

Don’t worry about hardware failure, BBMAX can be opted in twin form with BonB (Breathe on Breathe) technology, if one device fails, in fraction of time another starts and users will not even realize.

Don’t worry about backup of laptops as well, BBMAX agent does it all on data center, with very thin bandwidth and secured drive on laptop.

Don’t worry about accessing data from outside, BBMAX has inbuilt VPN to access your data on thin bandwidth and in secured way.

Don’t worry about data theft over internet, USB or emails. BBMAX has all controls and vigilance to make sure, your data is never a cake anyone can eat.

I thank everyone for their trust and support.

Vishal Shah,

CEO & Founder, Synersoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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